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About the Parish Council

Maugersbury Parish Council is in the first tier of local government in Gloucestershire.  The second and third tiers are Cotswold District Council and Gloucestershire County Council.  Very few powers are delegated to parish councils and therefore Maugersbury Parish Council needs to lobby its District and County Councillors in order to represent the views and concerns of its residents and influence change.  To do this, Maugersbury Parish Council maintains close and cordial relations with its District and County Councillors and invites them to all its meetings.

A map showing the boundaries of the parish is available on the Key Documents page.



There are currently five councillors making up Maugersbury Parish Council, which meets four times a year.  Councillors are elected to serve a four-year term.  Please see the Councillors page and Meetings page for more information.

The annual budget of Maugersbury Parish Council is approximately £4000 which is raised as a precept on council tax bills.  It looks after the defibrillator, noticeboard and telephone kiosk, and organises grass cutting on the Maugersbury Road verges, as well as the council's statutory obligations.  It also manages a Village Fund for carrying out improvements to the environment in the village.  The fund arises from donations generously given by Maugersbury residents.



The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications in Maugersbury parish, and makes comments to the planning authority, Cotswold District Council.  A register of planning applications on which Maugersbury Parish Council has been consulted is updated for each meeting.  View planning register here.  Planning applications can be viewed on the CDC website.

Rubbish and recycling collection is the responsibility of Cotswold District Council (CDC).  See the CDC website for collection dates, sorting info and reporting missed collections.

Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) is responsible for roads in the parish.  To report a road problem please contact GCC in the first instance.

For maintenance issues in the parish environment, please contact Cllr Root.