Parish Council meetings

Maugersbury Parish Council meetings are normally held quarterly on the first Monday of the month, starting at 6.30pm.

Meeting dates

7 June 2021

6 September 2021 TBC

6 December 2021

7 March 2022

An agenda will be posted below and on the village noticeboard about a week before a meeting.  Meetings are open to the public.

Minutes of previous meetings are available below.

Meeting protocol

Residents and other members of the general public are encouraged to attend meetings of the Maugersbury Parish Council, which are governed by Standing Orders. They aren’t open meetings but it has been the Parish Council policy to conduct them in a relaxed and informal way, with input to the Parish Council’s deliberations welcomed. Questions may be raised and comments made through the Chair but speakers should first raise their hand and be invited to speak by the Chairman. If the speaker is not known to the Chairman that person will be asked to provide their name and address. It is at the Chairman’s discretion how long he allows debate from the floor to continue.